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Dental Hygiene Treatment & Advice

Gum disease prevention at Synergy Waterside

Our clinic is dedicated to helping patients prevent common dental issues with excellent oral hygiene. To help with this, we put a strong emphasis on making sure our patients are able to care for their oral health each and every day. This is supported by regular cleanings, advice and support from our Synergy Waterside hygienist.

In cases where gum disease is an issue, we also have a dentist with a special interest in periodontal disease to support a more detailed treatment plan.

Visiting Our Hygienist


Excellent dental care at home including brushing and flossing will go a long way to ensuring your teeth remain healthy and clean. When brushing and flossing is done properly, it disturbs and removes bacteria and debris that can contribute to dental disease.

When you visit our friendly hygienists they will work with you to help you understand how best to clean your teeth. This includes providing tips on the best tools and products to use, as well as showing you how to apply different cleaning techniques.

Our experienced hygienist will also professionally clean your teeth, removing plaque and tartar that can be out of reach for you to clean yourself at home. Regular dental cleanings can be extremely beneficial in helping you combat and avoid gum disease.

During a hygienist appointment with us you can expect:

  • Advice on how to brush your teeth and gums
  • Guidance on flossing
  • Advice on supplements and vitamins to help with gum help
  • Advice on any oral medical issues you may be struggling with like dry mouth
  • A complete professional clean, scale and polish

Your treatment with our hygienist is always tailored to your specific needs.

Gum Disease Treatment At Synergy Waterside

Gum disease

If you do have gum disease your treatment plan will reflect how severe the issue is. Very early gum disease can be treated and reversed with the right self-cleaning regime and regular hygienist cleanings.

If the issue is more advanced, then we will create a treatment plan to suit your needs. This begins with properly detecting and diagnosing gum disease and the stage it has reached. We can then take action and complete treatments like ‘deep cleaning’, which remove plaque and tartar deep beneath the gum line. We will also focus on aftercare with advice on oral health, cleaning and preventing the further progression of the disease.

To make an appointment with the hygienists at Synergy Waterside , please call 01932 352333.